As there are many advancement made in different sectors, the way doing business has also been changed. Everywhere everyone is discussing that whether machines will replace people or not? And the only answer that we find is that YES the machines will replace the humans. Because the machinery in being developed in a very fast way. Bookkeepers are also becoming obsolete and there are several reasons behind it as well. In the offices there are latest accounting software such as Cloud Software is being used and the authorities are highly satisfied with it. This and many other types of such software are providing instant information and generate results more quickly. So in this advanced and technological world, if any bookkeeper wants to survive then he must have to acquire some necessary skills and he has to bring and develop himself on the entirely new lines! Some basic things that the bookkeepers must acquire are discussed in the following lines. And the violation of these rules would mean that there is no more need of the bookkeepers in the organizations.

  1. Get proper accounting knowledge:

Without acquiring proper bookkeeping knowledge you are not supposed to survive in the business world. Being a bookkeeper its important for you to learn different accounting terminologies. You should be able to differentiate between income and expenses so that you may make necessary adjustments with ease.

  1. Learn that how business fundamentally works:

Knowledge about fundamentals is also important such as debit and credit, cash and accruals, financial statements and much more. Also develop a sound understanding of account receivable (A/R) and account payable (A/P) and also learn that in what ways these all are crucial to the client. Apart from this, you should also learn the difference between different types of entities and in what ways one is better than others.

  1. Learn that how your client’s business work:

Basically there is need to automate and optimize the work by the bookkeepers. Otherwise there is a huge threat to their survival. Learn the flow of documents such as how they flow within company from the beginning to the end of their unique accounting process. This all will allow you to think on the modern lines and automate your business accordingly.

  1. Learn to use Cloud accounting tools:

Different software are used to keep the exact accounting record. Such as most organizations now use Xero for a solid general ledger. is a website that is cast-off for accounts payable. After that there is ZenPayroll to keep the appropriate record of payroll.

  1. Choose the niche:

Experts suggest that there is a need to get the expertise at least on one add-on. There is no need to choose the 40 add-ons and start working on them. Rather choose your niche so that you may work with it properly and able to satisfy your clients. Moreover your clients are also looking for some standardized process that generate same results.

In short, bookkeeper should equip themselves with the latest knowledge and they should be able to use different software. Otherwise that time isn’t far when they will get obsolete.

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